Archive | July 1, 2017

Best Way Of Finding Stud Behind Wall

There are many easy ways of finding screw but the best way to find the screw behind the wall is only by using metal or wood detector by using the stud finder. People are using different types of ways, but they are just assumptions which sometimes work and sometimes they are not accurate. There are many tips that will help you to find the stud behind the wall and it is the best way to catch the stud pins to drill screw for hanging decorative or any other items.

There is a logic that can be a used if you do not have stud detector it may work but you have to be careful.
 You will see that there is stud near to wall where there is the corner and in between 1.5 inches near to the door.
 Where there is the electric switch or any other outlet it is sure that they are placed on the stud.
 If you are having the wall outside the house than the studs is placed in the space of 12 inches from center.
 Anyone has to find the stud in an interior wall than the studs will be placed in the center of the loaded wall.
 You can find stud where there are attachments in between the walls and it is one of the best ways when you are not having stud detector.
You can go with and it will really provide you best way of stud finder and it is easy to handle. There are many ways to hang heavy items on the wall which are made up of wooden or any other metal where bricks are not used. It is important to use stud finder it will immediately scan the stud when you need to place new shelves or any other thing which is important for your household.